Seabourne in South Africa

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a dynamic influence in the courier industry by offering our business partners a flexible and empowered service, resulting in the creation of wealth for our community, customers, team and investors.

Vision Statement

We are one team, passionate about making our customers successful and empowering our people. We aspire to grow through offering flexible and personalised service by entering into long term partnerships with our stakeholders and to be the service provider of choice.


Core Values


Integrity - We believe in honesty, loyalty and reliability and we live by it.

Excellence - Striving for excellence in all that we do.

Honesty - Be truthful to all. Tell it like it is.

Ethics - Upholding high standards of principles and moral beliefs.

Flexibility - Embracing partnerships and change.

Respect - Create mutual respect.

Empowerment - Providing opportunities to allow growth.

Fun - Enjoy what we do.

Unity - Together we are stronger.

Family - Sense of belonging.

June 2020 Wine distributions