Logistics for Biopharmaceutical Companies

When it comes to specialist logistics, we provide solutions for Biopharmaceutical companies developing products in South Africa and Africa, with safe and secure local distribution as well as global import of biopharma supplies for clinical trials.

Regular training, a clear understanding of biohazardous materials and strict regulated procedures helps our team ensure complete control of all consignments that are entrusted into our care for delivery and a number of Biopharmaceutical companies in South Africa rely on us to ensure smooth delivery of sensitive products.

Controlled Delivery

Safe handling, consistent temperature control and tight security from pick-up to delivery are of paramount importance and our experience of global logistics in a range of industries has helped us develop procedures to ensure efficient transit.

We have developed pin code technology to ensure all biopharmaceutical products are delivered only to designated people within strict timetables, despite any extra regulation and control in place during transit.

We have also created a specialist team to deal with the import and customs procedures relating to biopharmaceutical products from anywhere in the world, working closely with our customers and the authorities to stay on top of changing international regulation. This ensures smooth ongoing import transactions so that our customers can run smooth clinical trial projects without delays.

If you are running a clinical trials or biopharmaceutical project, why not contact our local offices in South Africa for more details about how we can help the efficiency of your logisitcs.