South African Wine Transit

As one the worlds leading wine producing countries, South Africa has many exciting challenges to ensure vineyards and wine exporters maximise global demand.

Our international reach and logistics experience in a wide range of industries positions us perfectly and we work with wine companies across the Western Cape, helping them to discover efficient ways to get their products to market, especially with the growth of online wine sales and the specific freight requirements that wine products require.

Bulk Wine Transportation

We have developed specialised logistics solutions to ensure wine delivery costs are optimised for our customers, with a bulk transit service and storage network, globally, as well as wine distribution to Durban, Cape Town and other northern domestic markets in South Africa.

This service alone is helping customers realise additional margin on the value of their wholesale wine product.

Complete Third Party Logistics

We also use our knowledge to provide a complete third party logistics solution for wine companies, with controlled wine storage facilities, computerised pick and packing and online reporting for customers - an ideal solution for wine companies looking to reach importers around the world, as well as service the retail wine market.

Working as an outsourced distribution outlet for wine producers, we take and fulfil orders using sophisticated inventory management, allowing them to develop and produce their products based on consumer demand.

Personalised Orders and Gifts

With many vineyards welcoming tourism, we also provide personalised courier services to ensure that any wine orders placed by visitors are delivered cost-effectively back to their homes, whether in South Africa, or internationally using our global logistics network.

This has also led us to develop bespoke wine packaging for storage and delivery, helping to reduce breakages and increase customers profits.

For more information about our specialist logisitic services for the wine industry across South Africa, why not contact our local office.