Seabourne News

11-10-2011Acquisition of Gazelle Holdings Group by Seabourne Group Ltd

The directors of Seabourne Group Limited are delighted to be able to announce the Group’s third acquisition in as many years.

Following the purchases of the Air Action Group in 2008 and a majority stake in Seabourne Inxpress PTY Ltd in South Africa in 2009, we have now completed the purchase of the entire share capital of the Gazelle Holdings Group.

Gazelle is a UK based business, operating out of Basingstoke in Hampshire. Its operations divide into 2 revenue streams; same day courier services and the provision of 3PL services. The Group’s MD and majority shareholder, Stuart Gordon, has accepted the offer of employment within the Seabourne Group and we are delighted to welcome him to our Group. We are sure he will be a huge asset to us as we establish a significant presence in the 3PL market.

We see this acquisition as critical to the Group’s objectives of providing a broader range of services to the pure freight and courier distribution that we currently offer.

During tough economic times, it is hoped that this continued aggressive acquisitive approach will strengthen the Group’s position and help us maintain our profitability as we approach our 50th Anniversary in 2012.

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